Getting a lump of coal for the holidays?

Us too. 


Another year on the naughty list for STOLEN,the subversive creators of the world’s first Smoked Rum. We know the drinkers of STOLEN are equally naughty, so when you find your stocking full of coal this season, what will you do? Certainly not wipe away your tears with sooty hands. Instead, you join us as we make activated charcoal cocktails and celebrate being #NaughtyAllYear.

STOLEN dealers are hitting the streets to deliver little baggies of activated charcoal to bars and mixologists across the nation, so expect to see a variety of pitch black drinks throughout the holiday season and beyond.

We are excited to see what STOLEN Smoked Charcoal Cocktails you come up with, so be sure to post your photos using #NaughtyAllYear so we can share in your delicious brilliance. Because being on the naughty list isn’t just for the holidays, it’s a year round affair.

Ombre Black Cocktail