STOLEN Whiskey
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"I love what the evil geniuses at Stolen have created with their new smoked whiskey.”

-- Darek Bell, author: Experimental smoked malts & whiskeys 


"I love what the evil geniuses at Stolen have created with their new smoked whiskey. It does a great job of carefully balancing the sweetness of the whiskey with a great meaty smoke flavor that is neither too subtle or too in your face. I really dig the 'distant campfire' smoke that takes you back to your childhood camping outdoors. What I look for in a smoked whiskey is creativity, innovation, and uniqueness. This is my adrenaline shot, my gasoline. Stolen smoked whiskey has all three." 

--Darek Bell, author of Firewater: Experimental Smoked Malts and Whiskeys


“A unique mélange of corn whiskey, smoke, and a touch of the divine.”

--Paste Magazine


"Loved the whiskey, really nice caramel notes with a huge smoke bomb at the end. If Bill Clinton came in this is what I'd pour him. It's like it grew up in KY, but was educated in Edinburgh.  I like that it doesn't give a f*ck about conventions, it's free to do something different from other American whiskeys. I also dig the natural sweetness blending with the smoke and the high proof because after the first few sips the smoke becomes a baseline and the whiskey really shines.”

-- Alex Haskell, Certified Spirits Specialist and owner of the Iron Station in Brooklyn, NY


"Creamy and balanced with notes of burnt sugar and a lingering smokiness, this 11 year aged STOLEN whiskey is a steal at only $39.99."

-- Jennie Kelley, Head Chef, Frank Underground


"The rich nose features a deep, dark caramel base with hints of furniture polish, espresso and nutmeg.  Taste-wise, the smoked oak staves barrel finish add burnt caramel and slightly bitter barrel char to a bed of Mexican chocolate, sweet vanilla cream, orange peel, and baked banana.  The medium finish leaves a bananas foster note and a hint of smoked oak on the tongue."

-- Adventures in Whiskey blog


”Stolen Whiskey is a gem of an American spirit. Well-aged and crafted with an astonishing depth of character, it is a whiskey worthy of your hard earned dollars."

-- Robert Plotkin, author of 16 books and writer for influential whiskey publications