"I want to see it painted black, Black as night, black as coal”

- The Rolling Stones


As you’ve probably noticed, STOLEN likes the color black - our label, after all, is basically a big black scratch-out. Since coming out with the world’s first smoked rum, we’ve been trying to convince everyone to join us on the dark side.

While still an underground movement, pitch black cocktails made with food-grade *activated charcoal are about to be all the rage. You can use this mysterious black powder to paint all your favorite STOLEN cocktails black.

So grab a baggy of **activated charcoal, add a tiny bump to your STOLEN cocktail and watch it turn a deep black, our favorite color. Or get all mad scientist and experiment with it by sprinkling some charcoal on top of your cocktail for a cool ombre effect. And it’s not just for looks...activated charcoal softens the mouth feel of any drink.

Be sure to post photos of your creations using #STOLENBLACKOUT so we can be inspired by your twisted genius.



*Please take activated charcoal responsibly, folks, just like alcohol itself.
**We like Zen Charcoal Activated Pure Food-Grade, which is available on Amazon.