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Stolen Style Guide
Stolen Brand Logos
Stolen Fonts
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STO Bottle Illustrations


Where to Buy

Where to Buy 4×6.pdf
Where to Buy 8.5×11.pdf
Where to Buy (Stolen X) 4×6.pdf
Where to Buy (Stolen X) 8.5×11.pdf


Bag O’ Booze Templates

Bag O’ Booze Table Tent.pdf
Bag O’ Booze 4×6 Poster.pdf
Bag O’ Booze 8.5×11 Poster.pdf
Bag O’ Booze 11×17 Poster.pdf


Get-A-Pair Templates

Get-a-Pair_8.5×11 Poster (whiskey).pdf
Get-a-Pair 11×17 Poster (whiskey).pdf
Get-a-Pair_4x6 Poster (whiskey).pdf
Get-a-Pair Table Tent (whiskey).pdf
Get-a-Pair 8.5×11 Poster (Stolen X).pdf
Get-a-Pair 11×17 Poster (Stolen X).pdf
Get-a-Pair 4×6 Poster (Stolen X).pdf
Get-a-Pair Table Tent (Stolen X).pdf


Smoke Bomb Templates

Smoke Bomb Table Tents (Red-Bull).pdf
Smoke Bomb 11×17 Poster (Red Bull).pdf
Smoke Bomb Table Tent (Energy Drink).pdf
Smoke Bomb 11×17 Poster(Energy Drink).pdf


Tiki/Tropics Templates

Rum/Overproof Tropical Table Tent.pdf
Rum/Overproof Tropical 4×6.pdf
Rum/Overproof Tropical 8.5×11.pdf
Rum/Overproof Tropical 11×17.pdf
Rum/Overproof Tiki 4×6.pdf – Coming Soon
Rum/Overproof Tiki 4×6.pdf – Coming Soon
Rum/Overproof Tiki 8.5×11.pdf – Coming Soon
Rum/Overproof Tiki 11×17.pdf – Coming Soon
Stolen X Tropical Table Tent.pdf
Stolen X Tropical 4×6.pdf
Stolen X Tropical 8.5×11.pdf
Stolen X Tropical 11×17.pdf

**For custom tiki template modifications (including bottle images), please email [email protected]


Stolen X Templates

Stolen X Table Tent
Stolen X 11×17 Poster
Stolen X 8.5×11 Poster
Stolen X 4×6 Poster


Event/Lifestyle Templates

Party (Bright Disco Warehouse) 8.5×11 Poster
Party (Bright Disco Warehouse) 11×17 Poster
Party (Dark Warehouse) 8.5×11 Poster
Party (Dark Warehouse) 11×17 Poster
EDM / DJ 8.5×11 Poster
EDM / DJ 11×17 Poster
Stolen (Lifestyle 1 – Cup) 8.5×11
Stolen (Lifestyle 1 – Cup) 11×17
Stolen X (Lifestyle 1 – Bear) 8.5×11 Poster
Stolen X (Lifestyle 1 – Bear) 11×17 Poster
Stolen X (Lifestyle 2 – Hand) 8.5×11 Poster
Stolen X (Lifestyle 2 – Hand) 11×17 Poster
Band Live Show 8.5×11 Poster
Party (Happy Hug) 8.5×11 Poster


General Templates

Bottles Table Tent.pdf
Bottles 4×6.pdf
Bottles 8.5×11.pdf
Bottles 11×17.pdf
Blank Table Tent.pdf
Blank 4×6.pdf
Blank 8.5×11.pdf
Blank 11×17


Other Assets

STO Sizzle with Activation Menu
Stolen X Spec Sheets
STO X Sizzle Sheet
STO X Sell Sheet
STO X Media Sheet
Cocktail Recipes



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