Stolen X TNK Festival: January 16 – 20, Chicago

Most of the time, you go to a music festival to discover amazing new music and drink booze while partying your ass off. But this time, you get to discover amazing new booze, too.

Stolen is proud to support the Tomorrow Never Knows independent music festival happening this January in Chicago. Don’t worry, it’s indoors, at some of the best music venues the city has to offer. Founded in 2005, Lincoln Hall and Schubas’ TNK has proven for over a decade that music fans will brave the brutal Chicago cold for a good show. TNK gathers the best of rising local indie artists as well as acclaimed national acts. TNK is a city-wide event, uniting six independent venues in the area: Lincoln Hall, Schubas, Metro, Smartbar, Hideout and for the first time, Sleeping Village, making for a truly unique Chicagoan experience.

Now for amazing new booze part. Festival-goers will be the first people in the whole wide world to get a chance to try our unbelievably delicious new product before it hits the market. That’s all we can say for now, come to TNK and you can taste it for yourself.

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