Stolen X Bottle and Can

Stolen X. Dangerously Good.

American rye whiskey with organic raw honey and orange peel. Stolen X has a kick, but is smooth going down. Shoot or sip over ice. Stolen X is available throughout the US. Be on the lookout England, Ireland, and Northern Ireland, Stolen X is coming your way soon.

Stolen Dark Rum Australia New Zealand

Stolen Dark Rum

Dark and delicious. STOLEN Dark reimagines the classic, traditionally heavy, naval style dark rums, with a more modern and smoother interpretation. It’s blended by hand and uses Demerara caramel for a full bodied look and flavor, lightly toasted sweet caramel aromas and a soft honeyed texture in the mouth. STOLEN Dark was awarded a gold…

Stolen Gold Rum Australia New Zealand

Stolen Gold Rum

Smooth like butter. STOLEN Gold is a versatile and minerally balanced rum, aged for a minimum of two years in ex-whiskey charred oak barrels, then blended by hand. The result is butterscotch and cinnamon spice aromas on the nose with a lusciously creamy finish in your mouth. It can be sipped neat, and is the…

Stolen White Rum New Zealand Australia

Stolen White Rum

Clearly aged. STOLEN White matures for a minimum of two years in oak barrels for flavor and character, then carbon filtered for purity and clarity. The result is hints of cocoa and fruit on the nose with a sweet delicate mouth feel. Try using STOLEN White in a Mojito or Daiquiri to give these classics…

Stolen Smoked Rum

Stolen Smoked Rum

This is Stolen Smoked Rum. This rum is inspired by wanderlust, one of our favorite lusts.It’s the world’s first smoked rum. It’s made in Trinidad from locally sourced sugar cane. It’s column-distilled and aged for at least two years in ex-whiskey barrels made from American oak. Additional flavor is imbrued into the rum using 100% Arabica coffee…

Stolen Overproof Rum

Stolen Overproof Rum

This is Stolen Overproof Rum. Bartenders love it. Smart drinkers listen to their bartenders. We found this rare stock at a historic, 250 year old family-run sugar estate and distillery in Jamaica, renowned for making some of the best heavy pot still rums in the world. Like other Jamaican rums, Stolen Overproof Rum uses dunder…

Stolen 11 Whiskey

Stolen Whiskey

This is Stolen 11 Whiskey. The type of whiskey you can just keep pouring and pouring… your new go-to whiskey. Aged eleven years in American oak barrels, it’s a highly-awarded, single-grain American whiskey. It is finished in a secondary barrel and steeped with toasted oak staves. As a result Stolen 11 has a rich and…