Stolen 11 Whiskey
Stolen 11 Whiskey

Stolen Whiskey

This is Stolen 11 Whiskey. The type of whiskey you can just keep pouring and pouring… your new go-to whiskey.

Aged eleven years in American oak barrels, it’s a highly-awarded, single-grain American whiskey. It is finished in a secondary barrel and steeped with toasted oak staves. As a result Stolen 11 has a rich and bold flavor profile, yet it is exceptionally smooth and light on the palate. All with a luscious, buttery mouthfeel.


Chairman’s Trophy – Ultimate Spirit’s Challenge 2019

Double Gold – San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2017

92 Points- Wine Enthusiast

Gold-Las Vegas World Spirits Award 2017

Stolen 11 Whiskey is only available in the US. Sorry Australia and New Zealand.

Ultimate Spirits Challenge Chairman's Trophy Stolen Whiskey
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Double Gold San Francisco World Spirits Whiskey

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